Marketing Technology Center

The Foundation Marketing Technology Center, MTC, promotes value-creating interaction and learning between business and research in the areas of market, service development and business enterprising.

The foundation was established by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and the foundation of the Swedish Institute of Management (IFL) in 1974. MTC is a non-profit organization, thus the projects are financed primarily by major corporations and government agencies.

MTC invites enterprises to participate in programs and projects aimed at developing knowledge about influences of market- and service networks on business development. In particular MTC programs 2010-2012 will focus on the impact of globalization on the strategic development of companies. Participants will gain knowledge in areas such as; international companie’s strategies for growth on the global market, customer involvement in development processes, service dominant logic influences on market development and innovation processes in the network market.

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MTC has also published and participated in creating books and reports. You can see a smal selection of these publications »

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